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Running The Shadows of Yesterday

So I ran a session of The Shadows of Yesterday tonight (using the Solar System rule book). It was tricky. I really haven’t gotten the knack for it yet. But overall the session was a success; my players agreed to play another session.

I need to learn the rules better (I think I’m gonna read the rule book cover to cover again). But more specifically I think I need to get better at handling “Extended Combat” (aka Bringing Down the Pain). It’s a really clunky rule in some ways. I love the idea of it, but it doesn’t run naturally for me. I need practice I think.

Also I need to call for fewer rolls. I asked for too many this session. And I think it made the system feel more crunch heavy (rule heavy, dice heavy) than it really is.

But regardless the session did go fairly well for my second session using this system. So I’m happy and relieved.

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