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Galactic Arms Race Part 2

So I said I’d post about this again. So here is a quick post.

I don’t really like the game. It’s not all that well balanced and certain manuvars that are critical to being able to effectively play the game (circle strafing) are really hard for me (think they are hard in general, but I’ve never been very good at that kind of thing, so I’m not sure).

My evaluation would be that it is a neat tech demo and I hope the idea of automatic content generation catches on. However it’s not all the good as a game.

I’m done with it and I’ve gone back to playing Fallout 3. I’ve finished the main campaign in Fallout 3 BTW, but there is still so much exploring to do. Also I’ve decided that I’m not going to use energy weapons with this character. Instead I’m gonna start a new character at some point that instead of focusing on Sneak and Small Guns will focus on Speech and Energy Weapons. Should be fun.

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Fallout will force me to learn russian

So I know I’m geeky, but these people have out done me in all the coolest ways possible: Fall Out for Real (A Fallout LARP being run in russia)

The costumes and locations are truely amazing and beautiful. I want to go to russia and meet these people. They are awesome. And they are talented. It’s not easy to make costumes like that.

I was thinking about how they do the all important gigercounter in the game (even if they are not playing in a highly irradiated area of the game world it’s still really important for the feel of the environment). I wonder if they have a “gigercounter” they starts clicking when they are in range of a radio transmitter. They way the DMs could layout radiation by placing transmitter. The exposure could even increase as they get closer to the transmitter because the radio signal would get stronger. And the counter could keep track of exposure for in game rad sickness mechanics.

Also they must have moded laser tag guns and air soft guns (or maybe paint ball) because throwing or shoot bean bags (like they do in most fantasy LARPs) would not work very well for gun and energy weapons.

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Galactic Arms Race

I found a game I’m really gonna have to try: Galactic Arms Race (GAR)

It looks super cool. I hope it’s actually playable. I remember playing a game like this maybe 10 years ago. Simple space fighting, small squads and the like. What really excites me about this game is the huge variety of weapons. And that the weapons environment of the game will change based on the taste of the players. That’s just cool.

My only really nit pick is that it is not open-source. Seems like it should be. It is a research project and making it open would allow it to have a life after the research is deemed complete. I guess I do have one other nit pick: Why pick a MS Windows only engine?! But I understand the choice. I’ve heard XNA is a really good platform for simple games.

I’ll post again once I’ve had a chance to play it some and tell you how it is.

I wonder if this will help me kick my Fallout 3 habit. ;-)

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