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Galactic Arms Race

I found a game I’m really gonna have to try: Galactic Arms Race (GAR)

It looks super cool. I hope it’s actually playable. I remember playing a game like this maybe 10 years ago. Simple space fighting, small squads and the like. What really excites me about this game is the huge variety of weapons. And that the weapons environment of the game will change based on the taste of the players. That’s just cool.

My only really nit pick is that it is not open-source. Seems like it should be. It is a research project and making it open would allow it to have a life after the research is deemed complete. I guess I do have one other nit pick: Why pick a MS Windows only engine?! But I understand the choice. I’ve heard XNA is a really good platform for simple games.

I’ll post again once I’ve had a chance to play it some and tell you how it is.

I wonder if this will help me kick my Fallout 3 habit. ;-)

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