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My new apartment

So I’ve been in my new apartment for a bit over a week now. I like it so far and the more I make it mine the more I like it. The only main issue I have left with it is the price. It’s about $750 including utilities, which is kinda high for a studio, but I’m paying for the location and I think it will be worth it for now. I will be able to ride my bike to school in under 10 minutes which will be really nice given that I’ve had a 1 hour commute for the last 5 years. I’m really looking forward to not that. Also the lease on the apartment is only 6 months, so I will have a way out if it’s a problem. I will probably start looking for other places in 4 months or so and consider moving.

One thing I have done to the apartment that I’m really happy about it adding lights. When I moved in there were no overhead lights in the main room. This made it really dark at night (though during the day it get plenty of sun, which is nice). So I went to the hardware store and bought some wire and some sockets and plugs and switches and made lights. I’m really happy with it though in retrospect I’m not sure it was any cheaper than buying lamps. But I like it more and they are really bright. (Note that my whips are hanging on the wall. I’m really like them there for some reason.)

I have now cleaned the place but as of 2 nights ago the apartment as a whole looked like this: (click for a high resolution version) (EDIT: This is a better version I made since I originally posted this)

This panorama is made up to 28 individual images taken using my cell phone. It’s got some real issues with brightness and color, but honestly it’s amazing how well it came out. I’m really proud of it. It was made using Hugin a open-source panorama stitcher.

So thats my place. I hope it will be a home soon.

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