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An Android phone I want: The Motorola Droid

I’m a big fan of Android. I have been for a while. However I have yet to get an Android phone because I have not seen one that seems worth it. However the advertising for the Droid is so good that it hooked me. I really want one now. Which is impressive since advertising doesn’t usually draw me in.

However I have a bad feeling that the rumored release date of Nov 1st may actually be just an official announcement date. I think this may be the case for a couple of reasons.

  1. All the pictures of the device appear to come from one place (Boy Genius Report).
  2. Android 2.0 has not even been released yet in any form. And all the pictures of that are also from Boy Genius Report. Not that I distrust them (I don’t know anything about that site), but single points of information are always iffy.

Well, we’ll see.

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