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Sunday was awful. But I made it through. I decided not too ride today (Mon) because I hate being miserable. I plan on riding the rest of the week. It should be easier than the last couple of day. I think taking a rest day was wise.

Tomorrow will be around 70 so yet another day riding farther than I ever have before in a day. But it will be mostly flat.

I think I may buy a bike computer tomorrow evening. I’ve been wanted one and I think this may be the time. $25 dollars is reasonable.

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I’m at the first camping site in Iowa. we ride out tomorrow for the long ride. wish me lucck.

its cooler here than in kansas. but just as humid.

PS: zach says hi.

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“Sex and the Holy Land”: a FRINGE show

The FRINGE show I have been working on is finally moving towards completion. It’s been quite a ride, but I feel like I’ve done well. However the show overall has not got the greatest reviews and I wouldn’t agrue at all. It feels like a college student directed show.

However the one review that I have read (from said good things about the set and never mentioned the lights and sound, which means I did well. I cannot take the whole credit because the director designed the forms that that benches where set-up in. But I’m fairly proud of the benches. They have held up very well to all the abuse.

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Real Rain

NYC got some real rain today. Not the weak crap is usually gets. Real pouring drenching rain. It makes me happy and a bit home sick. KS gets this kind of rain much more often.

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Problems in the future of google streetview

I was thinking about the future of Google street view and I realized something. One of the really nice things about the street view is that the images are pretty recent. However that will change. They are spending a lot of money to capture all these images, but I doubt they will want to spend that again to recapture them in 2 years.

So: will Google street view decline in usefulness as the images age? Or will Google update them? Or will the old images still be just as useful?

I wonder if Google might keep track of construction projects and reimage area based on how much they have been changed.

PS: They get some odd pictures too: Top 10 Moments Caught on Google Maps Street View

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Hello world!

println( “Hello world!” )

print “Hello world!”

System.out.println(“Hello world!”);

cout << “Hello world!” << endl;

Hello world!

Welcome to my blog. I’m starting this up as an idea dump more than anything else. As such I’m not going to be too careful about my posts being well researched or well edited or well thought out. I just want to get the ideas out there. If I do start developing some posts more perhaps I will have a category or tag for posts that are article instead of just rambles.

Anyway. I hope you enjoy.


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